Online Journal: Legal Theory in China (線上期刊:中國法理論)

There is a new online journal, Legal Theory in China. After taking a glance, the content in this journal is good for those who want to read the Anglophone legal philosophy because of abundant translations. By the way, China’s academia contributes the translations to its academic circle a lot but someone would be careful about the quality of translations. However, it is fair to say that abundant translations benefit to make a connection between academic exporting and importing countries and help build a common vocabulary and relevant questions.

這是中國關於法理論的一個新的電子雜誌:Legal Theory in China。我大致上看了一下,內容還蠻不錯的,大家可以參考一下。順便可以知悉中國目前的學術發展狀況。無疑地,中國的學術翻譯產能非常的大,很多新的著作是可以找到翻譯本的,但是,翻譯的品質可能有待進一步討論。不過,我認為整體而言中國的翻譯是有助於他們與英美學界進行學術接軌的,因為對於專業的學術社群而言,一個基本共享的語詞、概念與問題意識是必要的,而翻譯可以讓學術繼受國較迅速的建立起共享語彙與概念等等。


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