Mark Tushnet’s Comment on Intellectual Diversity (Tushnet對於學術多樣化的評論)

之前已經轉載過哈佛的這個座談會(按此閱讀相關資訊),而與會者之一的Mark Tushnet教授在Balkinization上面發表了幾篇會後想法,對於美國法學界這一個議題有興趣的人可以參考!(評論1評論2)在某種程度上,可以從Tushnet教授的回應見到一般我們認知的區分,例如保守或是自由派會過於模糊,以至於不容易標示出在論題中的對象或特色。此外,我認為學術多樣性的討論也必須涉及到法學院在教育體系的定位,或許這對於反思台灣的法學多樣性是一個必要的反省基礎。

The previous post is HERE. Prof. Tushnet has posted his reflections on the conference on the intellectual diversity in Balkinization. (HERE and HERE) you might be interested in his follow-up thoughts. His posts occur me to think that the distinction between different political ideologies might be itself ambiguous. Although it’s very common using this term to indicate some features of political positions among groups and individuals, the criterion of this distinction might be diversified. His reflections also occur me to think how to think this sort of issues in Taiwan’s context.


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