A Petition for memorial to Dr. Chen, Wen-Chen (陳文成事件紀念碑連署)

Update: 07/02/2013:

I am not sure if the petition below is still going on or not but here is his short story in Taipei Times. This tragedy reminds us that democracy is not free. Dr. Chen’s death tells us that how an authoritarian regime could terrify citizens by throwing one’s body in the university. If the petition is still available, please sign it. Thank you.

Original: 03/29/2012:

Move to the Front: Please join this petition!!


Dr. Chen, Wen-Chen was the victim under the authoritarian regime in Taiwan. A brief of this tragedy please see HERE (English version available). Petition is HERE, please sign it. This petition asks National Taiwan University to set a memorial for Dr. Chen, Wen-Chen in the place where his body was found…… The required information for this petition is 姓名(Name); 服務單位(Employment); 職稱(Title); 是否為台大校友(Alumnus of NTU); 電子郵件(E-mail)。


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