Tze-Shiou Chien on The Legal Meaning of Coasean Economics (簡資修論柯斯經濟學的法學意義)

前些日子傳出了,Ronald Coase逝世的消息(關於相關資訊整理在此!)Coase無疑地對於法律經濟分析具有重要地位,而簡資修教授是台灣在法律經濟分析上的重要人物,針對Ronald Coase的理論有許多論著,在獲得簡資修老師的同意後,本部落格轉載這一篇最新的文章:科斯經濟學的法學意義。而簡老師於中研院網站上另外有許多文章可以免費閱讀與瀏覽,歡迎大家使用。(感謝簡資修教授同意本部落格轉載文章!)

I just posted the news that Ronald Coase passed away. You can read the post HERE. And Prof. Tze-Shiou Chien is one of the distinguished scholars in Taiwan who has focused on Coase’s theory for a long time. Having permission from Prof. Chien, here is his latest article,The Legal Meaning of Coasean Economics. People interested in law and Econ. must read Prof. Chien’s article. Pretty informative. You can also free access to Prof. Chien’s article via his website. (Thanks for Prof. Chien’s permission!)


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