Conference Announcement: Rules 2013 (研討會資訊:規則與規範性)

剛剛看到這個訊息,是今年9月在波蘭的Krakow的Jagellonian University所舉辦的研討會,由內容來看是從非常多元的角度思考規則與規範性等議題的研討會。此外,最重要的是所有的會議書面資料(包含plenary speaker等)都可以在議程下載(按此進入議程!),對於法哲學,哲學或是心理學有興趣的人相信是一大利多。



The idea of the Conference is to bring together philosophers, legal philosophers, psychologists and cognitive scientists, including researchers on artificial intelligence, who are interested in the problem of rules, rule-following and normativity.

Our aim is to create an interdisciplinary forum that will bring together academics representing different disciplines, willing to present their perspective on the issues related to rules and normativity.

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