Book Review: Stuart P. Green’s 13 Ways to Steal a Bicycle (書評:Stuart Green的13種偷腳踏車的方法)

Emmanuel Melissaris針對Stuart Green的書籍:Thirteen Ways to Steal a Bicycle: Theft Law in the Information Age,寫了一篇書評(按此閱讀!)。不僅是書名,書評也寫得很吸引人,其中一段是:

“…it tackles pressing questions that have so far largely fallen by the wayside of normative criminal law theory: What is distinctive about the blameworthiness of theft? What can be stolen, as opposed to being misappropriated in different ways, and how? How do rights over information or creative content fit in the law of theft? How do current institutional arrangements measure up against extra-legal normative standards regarding property rights and their violations? ”



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