Albie Sachs Interviewed by Public Television Service in Taiwan(Albie Sachs接受臺灣公共電視有話好說專訪)

公共電視有話好說的陳信聰先生專訪了南非前憲法法院法官Albie Sachs,影像可以在youtube上面看見,這場專訪是主持人中文提問,英文即時翻譯,而Sachs法官英文回答,再中文即時翻譯所進行的,有中文字幕。非常值得一看!專訪議題涉及到非常廣泛,從一開始的個人看待發生在自己身上的悲劇開始,進入更多制度與基本人權的議題。可以見到光是在議題選擇上,整個工作團隊非常的用心,更遑論要進行這種專訪背後所付出的人力與心力了!強烈推薦大家觀賞!!此外,尚有專訪的文字稿,我也將其轉檔成PDF,供各位瀏覽!

PTS has interviewed Judge Albie Sachs and the video is available online NOW. The method of interaction between the host and Albie is interesting. The host spoke Chinese and Albie, through spontaneous interpretation, replied in English, and versa vice. This video also has Chinese subtitles. Highly recommendation!! The question starts from asking for Albie’s reflection on the personal tragedy and for the meaning of forgiveness. Then questions are situated in a more broad context in terms of human rights and institutional effects on specific issues like the same-sex marriage and South Africa’s democratic transition. In addition to the subtitles, PTS also has provided the Chinese transcript. What a great job!! Again do not miss this video. 

The transcript is here (公視專訪大法官奧比)!

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