H.L.A. Hart’s Previously Unpublished Essay- Discretion(Hart之前未出版的文章:論裁量)

Havard Law Review這一期刊出了Hart在1956年參與的哈佛法哲學討論小組的文章,尚未出版過。文章主題在探討裁量(discretion)。此外,也有兩篇介紹與評論,分別由Nocila Lacey與Geoffrey Shaw所撰寫!推薦閱讀,對於法哲學有興趣的人,請勿錯過!

HLR has published H.L.A. Hart’s previously unpublished essay, Discretion, and two comments written by Nicola Lacey and Geoffrey. Here are the links.

1. H.L.A Hart’s Discretion

2. Nicola Lacey’s The Path Not Taken: H. L. A. Hart’s Harvard Essay on Discretion

3. Geoffrey Shaw’s H. L. A. Hart’s Lost Essay: Discretion and the Legal Process School


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