Free Will- Thirty Points of View (自由意志,三十位哲學家的訪談)

經由Brian Leiter的轉載知悉Methode的一期專刊是探討自由意志,訪談了三十位在這個領域的哲學家。自由意志的議題當然不是這個部落格關注的議題,但是與此相聯的主題是具有深刻倫理學與法倫理學意義的。對於許多哲學愛好者,這個專刊或許可以作為一個參考資料庫。根據期刊前言,這些訪談有一些問題意識作為架構的架構而存在,例如

  • compatibilism/incompatibilism..
  • sceptical, eliminativist, pessimistic, or illusionistic views on free will??
  • the relationship between free will and moral responsibility….
  • the idea that we deserve blame for our bad deeds (and punishment for the worst of the them) is ungrounded and should be abandoned??



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