NYU Law Review: Tributes to Ronald Dworkin(NYU法學期刊:向Ronald Dworkin致敬)

本期NYU Law Review刊載了去年NYU法學院教授對於Ronald Dworkin辭世一事的追思文(按此閱讀強烈推薦!)。本部落格曾經追蹤了許多教授的追思文(按此可以見到之前的追蹤系列!),NYU Law Review的討論包含了許多法理學重要的思想家(當然也包含哲學界),值得一看,內文約26頁,不算太多。此外,在Waldron在內文所提到的Dworkin的演講詞,是其在2011在德國伯恩大學的愛因斯坦工作坊的演說提到的,Dworkin在那次演講中總共談了三場(有興趣的人可以參考這裡!)最後我將Waldron在文中Dworkin的部分演講詞給摘錄下來,很值得思考:

We emphasize- we should emphasize- our responsibility, a responsibility shared by theists and a theists a like, a responsibility that we have in virtue of our humanity to think about these issues, to reject the skeptical conclusion that it’s just a matter of what we think and therefore we don’t have to think. We need to test our convictions. Our convictions must be coherent. They must be authentic; we must come to feel them as our convictions. But when they survive that test of responsibility, they’ve also survived any philosophical challenge that can be made. In that case, you burnish your convictions, you test your convictions, and what you then believe. you better believe it. That’s what I have to say about the meaning of life. Tomorrow: the universe.


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