Eric Posner on Originalism(Eric Posner論原意主義)

Updated: 14/04/14

Eric Posner自己整理了一個表格,說明在這一學期的課中,他與Will Baude的對話主題與連結,方便大家瀏覽!(按此閱讀!

Original: 06/02/14

Eric Posner今年開了一堂對於憲法原意主義探討的課程,而他在自己部落格陸續發表對於課綱進行過程中的一些想法,我覺得對於憲法解釋理論有興趣的人很有可看性。我將陸續相關的部落格貼文,整理如下,提供有興趣的人參考:

  1. Originalism and its Critics
  2. Questions for first Class
  3. Originalism Seminar Class 1: Heller
  4. Originalism and Noel Canning
  5. Originalism: History vs Law
  6. Originalism Class 2: Printz as a Paean to the Living Constitution
  7. Jack Balkin, Why are Americans Originalist? (Jack Balkin的文章在此!)
  8. A Simple (and serious) Puzzle for Originalists
  9. Originalism Class 3: Precedent
  10. Originalism Class 4: Brown
  11. Originalism Class 5: Noel Canning
  12. Originalism and Precedent: Baude v. Sunstein

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