The Announcement of 2014 Junior Researcher Award in Taiwan(2014年中央研究院「年輕學者研究著作獎」得獎名單)

Prof. Chao-Ju Chen (National Taiwan University- College of Law) is awarded The Junior Researcher Award  by SINICA in Taiwan. Here is the announcement. Her three articles are mentioned and have significant contributions to the understanding of the feminism study in the context of Taiwan’s colonial history. Her research does not only focus on theoretical issues like the dominance theory but also gives particular issues their lives by situating them in the concrete historical and social contexts in a way that make you have a connection with her research topics. The last word in her acceptance “speech” (In fact, it is written) is inspiring: “insistence on science and praxis as a vocation.” (my translation and open to be modified) Here are her three  articles:

  1. Chao-Ju Chen. “Gendered Borders: The Historical Formation of Women’s Nationality under Law in Taiwan.” Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique 17.2 (2009): 289-314.
  2. Chao-Ju Chen. “Sim-pua under Colonial Gaze: Gender, ‘Old Customs’ and the Law in Taiwan under Japanese Imperialism.” in Susan Burns and Barbara Brooks (eds.) Gender and Law in the Japanese Imperium. United States, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2013, pp. 189-218.
  3. Chao-Ju Chen. “Choosing the Right to Choose: Roe v. Wade and the Feminist Movement to Legalize Abortion in Martial-law Taiwan.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies.34.3(2013): 73-101.



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