David Klein on Law in Judicial Decision Making

David Klein在SSRN上面發表了一篇文章:Law in Judicial Decision Making,探討對於司法行為的實證研究的發展,侷限以及新的可能。這是我第一次閱讀David Klein的文章,從行文中感覺像是以政治科學背景出身的討論。全文分為幾個部分:1. 對於司法實證行為當前研究的摘要(我想是很有意義的研究脈絡整理)。2. 對於未來發展的可能障礙。3. 新的發展方向。若想要梳理司法行為的實證研究過去的發展,1的部分是可以閱讀的出發點!

在上述2中,Klein指出了兩個對於司法行為實證研究的可能阻礙:1). 對於法是什麼,並沒有共識。2). 對於行為等值性的質疑:實證研究中的attitudinal 或是法律術語(legal terms)是否能夠適切地說明個人行動或是司法行為的範式?關於1),我認為似乎有一點打高空,雖然在法理論中對於法是什麼並沒有共識,但是這是否足以成為司法行為研究的阻礙,Klein文中其實沒有說得很清楚。我認為,較為有趣的是2)的部分。不過關鍵之一仍然是behavioral equivalence的觀念內涵!

此外,關於法實證研究對於規範性問題的態度與想法,Klein的立場是:「Empirical scholars my shy away from addressing normative questions directly and may be committed to minimizing the influence their normative position have on their analyses. But there is no reason to think that their personal criteria for evaluating judicial performance differ systematically from the criteria of other informed observers. Furthermore, it seems highly likely that what draws most empirical scholars  to the study of judicial decision making in the first place is an intense interest in the quality and legitimacy of that decision making. And so it is natural that they would think about how empirical evidence can be brought to bear in evaluating judicial decision making and that in doing so they would focus on the role of law.」或許值得深思!

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