Mark Greenberg on Troubles for Content

Mark Greenberg在SSRN上面發表了兩篇文章:Troubles for Content I 以及Troubles ofr Content II。 這兩篇文章分別收錄在由Alexis Burgess與Brett Sherman所編輯的Metasemantics: New Essays of the Foundations of Meaning一書中。Greenberg這兩篇文章不算是法理學著作(我想這也是文章點擊率不高的原因),但是對於metaethics,semantic,以及metasemantics議題有興趣的人可以參考!metasemantics似乎是個新的概念(按照Greenberg在他文章中的看法,即便我對於這個概念不甚熟悉(troubles for content),仍然可以使用這個概念),以前看過的一個討論可以參考PEA Soup這一篇,此外Metasemantics這一本書裡面也有簡要界定:「We said that metasemantics is the business of providing metaphysical explanations of semantic facts. Invoking the phrase ‘in virtue of’, we also intimated that one core sort of explanation in metasemantics is grounding. Given the semantic facts about some language, or fragment therefore, one might like to know what underlying states of affairs metaphysically determine those facts. More generally, given various possible semantic facts, one might like to know what more basic or fundamental states would suffice for them to obtain. We propose to call this sort of inquiry basic metasemantics, to signal both its connection to metaphysical bases, and our view that grounding explanations is central to metasemantics.」。

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