Brian Leiter on Normatively for Naturalists(Leiter論自然主義者的規範性)

Brian Leiter在SSRN上面發表了一篇文章:Normativity for Naturalists,針對自然主義者無法對於規範性的說明,進行反駁!Leiter將規範性問題對於自然主義者的爭議,表述為:「the explanatory modalities of the empirical sciences do not make any reference to deontic or normative properties related to reasons, as distinct from comic or descriptive ones.」

Leiter面對這個問題的討論是從對於自然主義者的形上學以及認識論的質疑出發的,他說:「I want to focus on an interlocking set of metaphysical, epistemological, and, for want of a better world, practical or first-personal worries about normatively for naturalists. We may summarize them as follows. First. naturalism is self-refuting, since the naturalistic outlook itself presupposes epistemic norms whose status is not naturalistically vindicated. Second, naturalism imposes domain-specific standards on domains of thought where they do not belong. Third, naturalism fails to do justice to the real, practical nature of normativity: it can explain what we call normatively, but it can not explain real normativity.」至於Leiter如何處理上述的三個質疑,就請閱讀文章了!這一篇文章,強烈推薦!這個議題我想會是很有意義的一個討論!!


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