Jack Balkin on The Path of Robotics Law(Balkin論The Path of Robotics Law)

Jack Balkin在SSRN上面發表了一篇文章:The Path of Robotics Law。這一篇文章是Balkin應討論Ryan Calo的Robotics and the Cyber Law而生的。簡單一句話,Balkin這一篇文章很值得一念,強烈推薦!而針對Balkin探討的問題,我認為第三個問題是最有意義的,針對本質性特徵(essential characteristics)的探尋,Balkin的回答如下:

「We should not think of essential characteristics of technology independent of how people use technology in their lives and in their social relations with others. Because the use of technology in social life evolves, and because people continually find new ways to employ technology for good or for ill, it may be unhelpful to freeze certain features of use at a particular moment and label them “essential characteristics.” Innovation in technology is not just innovation of tools and techniques; it may also involve innovation of economic, social and legal relations. As we innovate socially and economically, what appears most salient and important about our technologies may also change.」


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