Michael Simkovic’s Posts talking the Value of Law School(Michael Simkovic幾篇關於法學院價值的討論)

在過去一陣子Michael Simkovic在Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports上面發表幾篇關於美國法學院價值的討論,我覺得很有意義。對於美國法學教育的發展、法實證研究,以及經濟分析有興趣的人,這幾篇很值得閱讀。因為,篇數有點多,因此我將篇名列出來。此外,關於Michael Simkovic的之前討論,可以參考:1. Simkovic對於Brian Tamanaha的Failing Law School的書評推薦)。2. 關於美國法學院經濟價值大論戰超推薦)。3. 對於統計基本概念的說明很淺白,推薦)。以下一系列的文章都很進階,但是都很有趣!

  1. The Perils of Prediction推薦閱讀,討論很有用的觀念
  2. BLS Employment Projections are Unreliable
  3. Number of Law Graduates Does Not Predict Law Graduate Outcomes推薦閱讀
  4. The Problem of Short-Termism
  5. The Absence of Evidence for Structural Change推薦閱讀
  6. The Absence of Evidence for Structural Change: Growth in Lawyer Employment and Earnings
  7. What “Employment” and “Unemployment” Mean?推薦
  8. Grant Funded Research
  9. Compared to What?推薦閱讀
  10. Kyle McEntee Attacks the New York Times for Using Data Honestly推薦閱讀
  11. Empower the Census Bureau to Collect Graduate Employment Data

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