Peng-Hsiang Wang and Linton Wang on Rules as Reason-Giving Facts(王鵬翔與王一奇論Rules as Reason-Giving Facts)

王鵬翔老師與王一奇老師所合著的Rule as Reason-Giving Facts,已經由Springer出版了(按此可以閱讀書籍內的論文摘要)。而兩位老師慷慨地將論文提供大家下載閱讀(按此瀏覽)。這兩位教授無疑地是台灣研究規則的理據性質之佼佼者,對於法理學有興趣的人一定不能錯過!強烈推薦!

Prof. Peng-Hsing Wang and Linton Wang’s article, first presented in the Rule Conference 2013, has been published in the book, Problems of Normatively, Rules, and Rule-Following. Their article, Rules as Reason-Giving Facts: A Difference-Making-Based Account of the Normativity of Rules is available online ( HERE!) Those two professors are top researchers in Taiwan on the question of normativity of rules. Do not miss their article. Highly Recommendation. Prof. Peng-Hsiang also makes most  of his publications available online!! Here is his website!!


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