Jennifer Nou on Possible Dream: A Review of SOCIAL CHOICE AND LEGITIMACY

剛剛看完TNR的幾篇書評,推薦這一篇!Jennifer Nou對於Social Choice and Legitimacy一書的書評(按此閱讀!)。書好,書評好!我想書評中的關鍵理解是這一段話:

「The essence of Patty and Penn’s claim, then, is that legitimate governance requires explanations for the tradeoffs that governments must make between conflicting goals — particularly given that such decisions are often the products of indirect delegations from more accountable elected officials (p. 190). Here, legal scholars may recognize parallels to Rick Pildes and Elizabeth Anderson’s work, which similarly argues that incommensurable values demand robust democratic institutions to help construct a collective will. By contrast to Pildes and Anderson, however, Patty and Penn embrace the insights of impossibility theorems to justify democratic institutions as the means through which controversial decisions are justified. Instead of rejecting the premises of social choice, Patty and Penn seek to rehabilitate them, for “it is precisely the impossibility theorems” that require that democratic governance “involve[s] not just choices but the reasons behind those choices” (p. 32). In addition, they are also more agnostic about the role that institutions should play in shaping preferences, instead preferring to take such preferences as given. In this sense, an important goal of their project is to demonstrate the continuing relevance of social choice theory.」


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