David Enoch一系列的文章…純列表整理!

David Enoch在SSRN上面發表了「一串」以前刊載的文章(這似乎是大放送概念),純粹做個整理方便大家瀏覽與閱讀!個人推薦第3、7、21、22與36篇!

1. On Mark Schroeder’s Hypotheticalism

2. How Objectivity Matters

3. Shmagency Revisited

4. Being Responsible, Taking Responsibility, and Penumbral Agency

5. Tort Liability and Taking Responsibility

6. Why Idealize?

7. Agency, Shmagency: Why Normativity Won’t Come from What is Constitutive of Action

8. Meaning and Justification: The Case of Modus Ponens

9. Ends, Means, Side-Effects, and Beyond: A Comment on the Justification of the Use of Force

10. Epistemicism and Nihilism About Vagueness: What’s the Difference?

11. Intending, Foreseeing, and the State

12. Noncognitivism, Normativity, and Belief: A Reply to Jackson

13. A Right to Violate One’s Duty

14. Rationality, Coherence, Convergence: A Critical Comment on Michael Smith’s Ethics and the A Priori

15. How Noncognitivists Can Avoid Wishful Thinking

16. How are Basic Belief-Forming Methods Justified?

17. The Case Against Moral Luck

18. Whose Right is it? Reflection on Harel’s Reflections on Palestinians’ Interest in Return

19. Luck between Morality, Law, and Justice

20. How is Moral Disagreement a Problem for Moral Realism?

21. Some Arguments Against Conscientious Objection and Civil Disobedience Refuted

22. On Analogies, Disanalogies, and Moral Philosophy: A Comment on John Mikhail’s Elements of Moral Cognition

23. Deontology, Individualism, and Uncertainty: A Reply to Jackson and Smith

24. On Estlund’s Democratic Authority

25. Cognitive Biases and Moral Luck

26. Wouldn’t It Be Nice If p, Therefore, p (for a moral p)

27. The Epistemological Challenge to Metanormative Realism: How Best to Understand it, and How to Cope with it

28. Can There Be a Global, Interesting, Coherent, Constructivism About Practical Reason?

29. Sense and ‘Sensitivity’: Epistemic and Instrumental Approaches to Statistical Evidence

30. Reason-Giving and the Law

31. Moral Luck and the Law

32. Not Just a Truthometer: Taking Oneself Seriously (But Not Too Seriously) in Cases of Peer Disagreement

33. Giving Practical Reasons

34. Authority and Reason-Giving

35. Statistical Evidence, Sensitivity, and the Legal Value of Knowledge

36. A Comment on Yaffe’s Attempts


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