Richard Healey接受3:AM的訪問:量子力學的哲學

必須要說,這是一篇我覺得很難懂的訪談。雖然對於量子力學以及相對論的內容有點非常淺的認識,但是閱讀這一篇討論量子力學「的」哲學著實是有點困難!但是很有趣!推薦給大家按此閱讀!)!Healey對於這個哲學的出發點是:「A successful interpretation must explain how quantum mechanics may be formulated as a precise physical theory and unambiguously applied to real-life physical situations. My present view is that this can be done without recasting it as a theory of beables, in which case quantum mechanics will not itself describe or represent the physical situations to which it is applied. But by applying quantum mechanics we become able better to describe and represent those situations in non-quantum terms. I say ‘non-quantum’ rather than ‘classical’ to acknowledge that the progress of science naturally introduces novel language to describe or represent the world (Bose-Einstein condensate, Mott insulator, quark-gluon plasma). My point is that characteristically quantum terms like ‘quantum state’, ‘observable’, ‘Born probability’ do not represent beables. So I no longer agree with those philosophers who believe that a successful interpretation of quantum mechanics has to say how the world could possibly be the way quantum mechanics says it is.」



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