Edward Foley on Voting as Fiduciaries

Edward Foley在SSRN上面發表一篇文章:Voting as Fiduciaries,運用John Rawls的理論探討美國的選制設計,而可以見到他對於民主有非常強的規範性價值的預設。對他而言民主中的投票不是個人偏好的表達,而計票不是偏好之累計而已。民主中的投票是一種機制,讓公民得以平等參與決定對於社會整體最好選擇(democracy should be conceived of citizens equally participating in the opportunity to determine what is the best for society as a whole),然後從這裡開始發展出他對於選制設計的想法!很有意思!!


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