Green on Refugee Crisis

Leslie Green在自己部落格中發表了對於當前歐洲對於安置難民的意見(按此瀏覽),他認為這不是公平的問題,但這裡的公平不是指著對於難民的平等,而是國家間的對於接受難民的公平問題。推薦閱讀!!

這一段或許值得好好深思:「…First, it is unclear that there are long-run costs to resettling refugees. New residents who are eager, ambitious and grateful to be here are an asset, not a liability. Second, even with respect to short-run adjudication and settlement costs, the relative burdens among countries are unimportant. What matters is the absoluteability of any country to assist. It is relevant that Greek government is in such a parlous state that it cannot cope with the influx. Greece can hardly cope with anything. But it is not relevant that the Hungarian government is in a weaker fiscal position than the German government. It matters whether a country is able to take refugees; it does not matter whether other countries that are equally or more able are doing as much.」

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