Joseph Raz on Intention and Value

Joseph Raz在SSRN上面發表了 一篇文章:Intention and Value,這篇文章區分為兩個部分:1. 關於意圖與信念之間的關係。2. 價值、意圖與動機之間的關係!這一段話很有意思:「For humans, and as all my discussion from here will be confirmed to humans I will not reiterate that restriction, acting for a reason involves being guided by what one believes is a reason, and that involves thinking that there is value in the action because it relates in an appropriate way to how things are. That, in turn, implies that one takes something about the action to confer value on it. It could be something that is bad and the action would help avoid (a fire) or a good opportunity that the action would help one to seize, etc. The schema is that the reason is a good in the action that is conferred on it by some feature of the situation that is either good or bad. When we act for that reason we act because we recognize it (as wee matters) as a reason for that action.」(pp.13-14) 強烈推薦!!


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