Book Announcement: Jeremy Waldron’s Political Political Theory

Jeremy Waldron的論文集新書資訊:Political Political Theory,多數文章已經發表過了,但是第5章、第8章、第11章是新的部分。


One Comment on “Book Announcement: Jeremy Waldron’s Political Political Theory”

  1. […] Samuel Bagg在SSRN上面發表了一篇文章:What Makes a Political Theory Political? A Comment on Waldron,這是一篇書評,其所針對的對象是Jeremy Waldron的Political Political Theory一書(之前新書發表的轉載在此、關於Waldron自己對於這本書基本主題的簡單說明在此)。這篇文章適合給已經看過這本書的人,基本上不算是導讀式書評,我個人是覺得這一篇蠻好看的,Bagg直接從Waldron的反司法審查立場開始然後切入所謂的「the circumstances of politics」的檢討!推薦給大家! […]

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