Book Announcement:Paul Weithman’s Rawls, Political Liberalism nd Reasonable Faith

剛剛從Political Theory- Habermas and Rawls中看見這一則新書轉載資料,看了一些書籍線上資料,覺得很有意思,提供給大家做參考!PT部落格作者已經將相關文章的線上連結給整理好了,非常方便(按此瀏覽)!實在好奇他到底花多少時間找連結與編輯,貼心的舉動!

Political Theory- Habermas and Rawls posted the information about Paul Weithman’s book on Rawls’s political liberalism. (HERE) This post also includes online access to some chapters of this book. If interested in Rawls’s thoery, check this post!


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