Regina Rini on Raising Good Robots(Regina Rini論人工智慧的道德推理)

剛剛看見Regina Rini在AEON的文章:討論人工智慧的道德推理!(Raising Good Robots)這一篇真得寫得很棒!他區分了兩種對於道德性看法,開始討論我們如何看待人工智慧的道德推理!當然標題有點聳動,但我想她提出一個重要的看法,Regina Rini認為

What does this mean in practice? It means being ready to accept that machines might eventually make moral decisions that none of us find acceptable. The only condition is that they must be able to give intelligible reasons for what they’re doing. An intelligible reason is one you can at least see why someone might find morally motivating, even if you don’t necessarily agree.

這個觀點不算新,但是是很有意義的切入角度!不論是道德哲學或是理由等等的!文章當然還有一些旁論,例如運用Alpha Go贏李世石的新聞討論,看似失誤的第37手如何可以給予說明等等(關於Alpha Go的相關轉載在此)。AI的進展絕對會給予道德哲學許多新的刺激!!


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