Book Announcement: Brian Tamanaha’s A Reaslistic Theory of Law

Brian Tamanaha的新書:A Realistic Theory of Law已經出版了,強烈推薦給大家!以下摘錄自Amazon的說明:

This book articulates an empirically grounded theory of law applicable throughout history and across different societies. Unlike natural law theory or analytical jurisprudence, which are narrow, abstract, ahistorical, and detached from society, Tamanaha’s theory presents a holistic vision of law within society, evolving in connection with social, cultural, economic, political, ecological, and technological factors. He revives a largely forgotten theoretical perspective on law that runs from Montesquieu through the legal realists to the present. This book explains why the classic question ‘what is law?’ has never been resolved, and casts doubt on theorists’ claims about necessary and universal truths about law. This book develops a theory of law as a social institution with varying forms and functions, tracing law from hunter-gatherer societies to the modern state and beyond. Tamanaha’s theory accounts for social influences on law, legal influences on society, law and domination, multifunctional governmental uses of law, legal pluralism, international law, and other legal aspects largely overlooked in jurisprudence.

這本書的主軸跟他一貫以來的理論取向應該很一致,但看起來很小本,不知道他如何處理上述提到的基本課題!Brian Tamanaha在書中提及,這本書要建構的是一個對於法律社會學事式的理論取向,他的觀點受到William James, John Dewey, Peirce以及Mead的影響,強烈推薦給大家!我想對於法律社會學有興趣或是一般法理論有興趣的人,應該都不會錯過才對!!



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