Jeffery Sachs on Ending the Ronald Regan Lie(Jeffery Sachs論終結雷根謊言)

Jeffery Sachs在The Boston Globe發表一篇短評:Ending the Ronald Regan Lie,強烈推薦給大家!他最後的呼籲顯然是一種呼籲,但是是否真會如此發展仍需要仔細觀察。但是對於以下這段話,無疑是正確的:

The stunning result is this: A small group of wealthy interests has hijacked the federal government, driving policies that are strongly against public opinion and the public good. Legislation is drafted in secret, pushed without deliberation, and if possible, adopted without regard for the voters. This is obviously the case with the Obamacare repeal, but it’s also true regarding climate change, environmental protection, tax cuts for the rich, antitrust enforcement, and foreign policy.



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