About Legal Philosophy in Taiwan

Welcome to Legal Philosophy in Taiwan. Now you are reading the second version updated on 07 Feb 2016. (Here is the old version: 20160207_About Legal Philosophy in Taiwan_Version 1.)

This blog focuses on topics relevant to legal philosophy (in a very broad sense). I will update information about Taiwan and Anglophone legal academia, my comments, and research papers.

Readers might find that several topics will be posted frequently like origianlism, news about philosophy (including experimental philosophy), ideas about empirical legal studies, and metaethics. I will expand the scope of the circulation for having more comprehensive collections.

One new thing in this blog is the page, Events Calendar that I will create events about legal theories in Taiwan for those who are interested in knowing them. Sometimes posts in high frequency would distract readers’ attention. So I decide to create the page, Events Calendar. You can find events held in Taiwan about legal theories and add one into your calendar so you might not  miss it.

This blog will be both in English and Chinese. Of course, there must be some typo or grammatic  mistakes and welcome to help me find them out. And welcome to comment any material in this blog.

歡迎來到法哲學、生活與實踐。這是關於本部落格介紹的第二版。(之前第一版可以在此:20160207_About Legal Philosophy in Taiwan_Version 1)




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