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哈囉,我是「法哲學、生活與實踐」部落格的版主:陳弘儒。之前的自我介紹(About Me)約略是2011年所撰寫的,隨著時間更迭,部分內容需要更新(About Me_2012_Version One),因此6年後,我重新規劃了自我介紹的內容。

我的基礎法學教育完成於世新大學(1999-2003),爾後碩士在臺灣大學法律學研究所基礎法學組就讀(2003-2007),2010年在伊利諾大學香檳分校就讀法律碩士(2010-2011),然後在喬治城大學法學院完成博士學位(S.J.D. 2011-2017)。目前正在中央研究院法律學研究所做博士後研究,研究主題為「不服從作為截斷國家介入行動之可能性研究」,思考正當的不服從與有權不服從對於國家介入行動的影響。

我的研究領域集中在法理學、政治哲學、言語行動理論與行動哲學等,博士論文是探究轉型社會中的不服從理論,建構出一種體制針對性、手段強度較高的不服從概念觀(我稱之為抵抗性不服從)。 目前正在建構更為細緻的不服從理論。

我的個人履歷在此(Hung-Ju Chen_Resume and Publication_Chinese)。我個人很崇尚學術資訊的自由流通,因此我將已發表過的書寫直接放在部落格上,如果你對於這些議題有興趣或是任何意見,歡迎與我聯繫。

Hello, I am Marx Chen (Hung-Ju Chen) and welcome to my blog Legal Philosophy in Taiwan. This is the updated version of About Me. (Here is the previous version.).

I received LL.B. at the department of law, Shih-Hsin university, LL.M. at the college of law, National Taiwan University where I finished my Master Thesis on Carl Schmitt’s book, The Concept of The Political, another LL.M. at the college of law, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and S.J.D. at Georgetown University Law Center where I finished a dissertation, On A Right to Disobey in a Transitional Society, under Professor Lawrence Solum’s supervision. Now I am a post-doctoral fellow at Institutum Jurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica. The recent research focuses on the question of how a justification-based and a rights-based approaches to disobedience have different impacts on the intervention by a political authority.

If you are interested in any topics relevant to my research field, please feel free to contact me.




5 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Po Liang Chen says:


    祝 順心

    • Marx Chen says:

      Hello 柏良,


      祝 順心


  2. chaohwei says:

    您好,我是台大法律系校友。拜讀大作,獲益匪淺。可以在臉書分享 讓大家對這些概念更清楚嗎?謝謝

  3. […] Shih-Tung Chuang (The College of Law at National Taiwan University) is the President and Dr. Hung-Ju Chen (S.J.D. at Georgetown University Law Center) is the Secretary General. We look forward to hearing […]

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