Addendum: Just a reminder that Professors have rights to modify their syllabi according to their actual teaching in class. Please take the syllabi as an input not an output. (10/03/2011)


Welcome to this new page in Legal Philosophy in Taiwan. you can find syllabi relevant to legal theory in Taiwan. I ask professors to have their permission for me to circulate syllabi. Thanks for their generous sharing. The purpose of this page is trying to make Taiwan’s legal research more accessible forpeople inside and outside Taiwan. By circulating the syllabus, it would be more easy to know the focal point in each professor’s recent study. This page will not update regularly but occasionally if I get any new syllabus from professors. Here is the Professor List whose classes are highly relevant to legal theory. By legal theory I mean the theoretical reflection on any issue about law. I know this definition might be useless but it satisfies with the purpose of this page. Later on I might have a more systematic structure for circulate these syllabi. Now they are listed alphabetically by professors’ last name.



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