Peter Railton”s Dewey Lecture(Peter Railton的杜威講座演說稿)

Brian Leiter在Leiter Reports上發表了一個新訊息:他將Peter Railton 在Dewey Lecture的演說稿上傳到網站去。Leiter的訊息在此!而Leiter上傳的檔案網址在此!這一篇真的很推薦閱讀,可以見到一個道德哲學家的個人旅程!特別是當他在高中時一位馬丁路德被暗殺,而做的降半旗舉動以及校方反應,他的想法是:But i’d learned a lesson about what it means to publicly refuse to inhabit some part of the world laid out for you- a very pale form of the lesson taught much more harshly to activists in the civil rights movement. Their visible stand to remind society of its own principles, however non-violent, could unleash concentrated fury from those who felt defied, bringing public humiliation, beatings, and threats of much worse. Dewey was right, attempting to think put some portion of the world in jeopardy, which often includes oneself.



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